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PADI professional instructor along with multilingual, experienced dive team conduct and guide you around the dive trip and we give you an exciting and a safe diving experience.We provide you with all the required equipment,bottled water and snacks.During late November to early May the Western peninsular area of KALPITIYA will provide fine opportunities for diving.Each dive would be of 40 minutes bottom time and visibility rangees from around 10-25 metres. SHANTHA’S REEF- depth 20-22 m,a massive corel reef including colorful reef species such as unicorn fish,parrotfish and reef fish
The Bar reef is the largest corel reef in Sri Lanka and sanctuary to 156 species of corel and 283 species of reef fish, and Manta rays,reef sharks and sea turtles. We give you this great opportunity to float arround and explore the blue ocan and the sea creatures. We use quality and well maintained gear and provide you masks and snorkels.Only 6 persons per boat.The best time for snorkeling in KALPITIYA is between Early-November and Mid-April.
The season to view the Whales at Kalpitiya Peninsula is during November to April. Out of these months, Early-March to April are the peak months in the movement of Whales.Sperm Whales are the most common, other whales you could see including blue Whales(largest mammal in the world), Minke,Melon-Headed and Dwarf sperm Whales are also spotted. Maximum number of persons on a boat and US$ 170 per boat trip.Department of wild life issues a ticket  which amounts to US$ 10 per foreign person.We provide you luch and botted water.
Diving training courses can be arranged on request. Discover Scuba Diving- You will learn basic safty guidelines and skills needed to dive and can be completed in a minimum of 3 hours. US$ 60 per person. Pool Refresher Course- minimum 3 hours. US$ 60 per person. To sign up for diving training sessions, no prior experience with diving is necessary.


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Our Diving trips are framed with all the safety measures and PADI guidelines and we  manage your dive trips, based on your skill level, and experience.All the tours are carried out by certified guides and our KDC activities are suitable for beginners and advanced divers.We have facilities to train beginners and offer them to have open water dives. We have enough good quality branded full sets of diving gears, tanks, weights, along with bottled water and snacks. Reaching to the dive sites facilitated with boat ride and we have fully equipped canopy type fiberglass boats, powered by outboard engines to reach dive points.
KALPITIYA is a major spot for Dolphin and Whale watching. You will see large pods of Dolphins between November and Mid- April.Spinner Dolphins are the common sight along a longitudinal transect known as the “Dolphin Line” and Humpack Dolphins can be seen regulary. Tours are carried out by certified guides. The maximum number of persons on a boat is 6 and US$ 90 per boat. Swim wests (life jackets) and botted water are provided during the trip.Department of wild life issues a ticket  which amounts to US$ 10 per foreign person.
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Wild life trails to Wilpattu National Park is a 1 day trip including Eco tourism experience and exploring wild life of Sri Lanka. The species diversity at the Willpattu sanctuary is extremely varied and is  home to 31 species of mammals, endemic and migratory birds including threatened species. The flora at Wilpattu is even more diverse and help support much of its wildlife.This park can be visited throughout the year,February to October is the prime time.
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